Doorstep Banking

Introducing the First Ever Doorstep Banking Service

The following Doorstep Banking Services are available:

  • Cash pickup.
  • Cash delivery.
  • Cheque pickup
  • Cheque requisition Slip pickup.
  • Form 15H pickup.
  • Delivery of Drafts.
  • Preparation and Delivery of Demand Draft
  • Delivery of Term Deposit Advice Delivery of Term Deposit Advice.
  • Life Certificate Pickup.
  • KYC documents pickup.
Salient Features of the Scheme


  • Senior Citizens of more than 70 years of age and differently abled or infirm Persons (Having medically certified chronic illness or disability) including those who are visually impaired.
  • Fully KYC compliant account holders.
  • Valid Mobile Number should be registered with the account.
  • Single account holders and Joint Account Holders with Either or Survivor/ Former or Survivor.

Not available for:

  • Accounts operated jointly.
  • Minor Accounts
  • Accounts of Non-Personal nature.
  • Customers having registered address within a radius of 5 KMs from the Home Branch.
  • Registration done at the Home Branch.
  • Requests for Doorstep Banking Services should be made only at the Home Branch till such time development at Contact Centre is completed.
  • Delivery of Term Deposit Advice Delivery of Term Deposit Advice.
  • The amount of cash withdrawal and cash deposit is restricted to Rs 20,000/-per transaction per day.
  • Service charges per visit for Non-financial transactions is Rs 60/+GST and Rs100+GST for financial transactions.
  • Withdrawal will be permitted using cheque / withdrawal form with Passbook.
  • The delivery would be completed on best effort basis but not later than T+1 working day (holidays excluded).
  • For details please contact your Home Branch.